The Shed Sessions was recorded in a little blue shed in Lake Worth, Florida.

Stylistically, Blane fits in the Americana category. But there’s more going on in his music than simply Americana. There’s a pop influence in there, along with a 1950’s rock vibe that gives his sound a unique signature. It’s much different from the usual run-of-the-mill stuff most bands turn out today.

From Indie Band Guru, “Together with The Steven Blane Band, this past May saw the release of The Shed Sessions. The 10 track record was recorded fully in a shed in Lake Worth, Florida. The album opens with the folk-style storytelling of “Any Kind Of Fool”. Even as a solely acoustic song, there is an electric feel that pulses through the track. Blaine’s vocals create that energy that makes your ears perk up and pay attention.

The pace is slowed down a little with “Manhattan Melancholy”. There is an elegant charm here as some Spanish guitar influences are heard really showing an artist with true talent. The crooning vocal style keeps pace with the well-known troubadours of the 1940’s. The party restarts with “Pink Martini”. The swing vibe demands some finger snapping and toe-tapping as you rock along yearning for a drink for yourself. I was brought to the soundtrack of an early spy movie with “Proclaim Liberty”. The quick picking over a strumming guitar picks up speed and a fire in any musical heart. There is a message here that everyone needs to get on board with to make this a better world.

The album comes to close with the Steven Blaine version of the often covered Penguins classic “Earth Angel”. It is easy to hear the passion for song that Steven has here. The grace of the performance transcends time and space in a song that was originally written over 60 years ago.