Steven Blane is a singer-songwriter in the Americana genre. His style incorporates a pop influence along with a 1950’s rock vibe that gives his sound a unique signature.

Steven Blane

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"Stylistically, Blane fits in the Americana category. But there’s more going on in his music than simply Americana. There’s a pop influence in there, along with a 1950’s rock vibe that gives his sound a unique signature. It’s much different from the usual run-of-the-mill stuff most bands turn out today."

Randy Radic, Huffington Post

"True to the indie music spirit, Steven has been very active in recording his craft. His growing anthology includes 2014’s Gonna Light the Lights Tonight (single), 2015’s Taboo, and 2016’s The Best of Steven Blane (So Far), and I ConfessHis most recent effort, The Shed Sessions (feat. Luba Dvorak & Kevin Hailey), was quite literally recorded in a shed in Lake Worth, Florida, with nothing more than two mics and the players themselves—no overdubbing. A situation this minimal can either result in disaster, or pure magic. In Blane’s case:  Abracadabra."

The Ark Of Music

"Now in his 60’s, Steven Blane is still a practicing singer-songwriter in the NYC music and arts scene. Americana is considered his main genre but he adds elements from folk, pop, and 1950’s rock to create a sound that is quite unique. 

Together with The Steven Blaine Band, this past May saw the release of The Shed Sessions. The 10 track record was recorded fully in a shed in Lake Worth, Florida. The album opens with the folk-style storytelling of “Any Kind Of Fool”. Even as a solely acoustic song, there is an electric feel that pulses through the track. Blaine’s vocals create that energy that makes your ears perk up and pay attention."

Indie Band Guru

"Embracing his acoustic guitar and putting his masterful song crafting abilities on display, Steven Blane delivers an Americana/Folk sound with plenty of nuances including hints of pop, 1950s rock n roll vibes, and a soulful, powerful voice that is guaranteed to grab your attention as Steven starts to sing."

Middle Tennessee Music

"Steven Blane‘s LP of Jazzy, Swingish, and Bluesy collection of tracks titled The Best of Steven Blane (So Far) is a treat for the New Yorker’s soul in ways that almost can’t be fully described. Blane delivers you that same iconic sound in the league of artists that could be comprised of Sinatra, Bennett, and a riffy Johnny Cash vibe as well. Every song on this album has a smooth, eclectic, and soothing sensibility…no matter where you come from. He has a sound that has class, dynamic musicianship, and innovative measures that are always present throughout every track. The sound is versatile and diverse. And once you take a listen to Steven Blane yourself, he’ll find his way to your heart unconditionally. Whether you expect it or not."

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